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Web Design

Do you have a website that isn’t doing as much as you thought it would for your business?  Or do you not have a website at all?

Hi, I’m Rhys Stansfield, and in this article I’m going to discuss with you our process for the Web Development services we provide here at OnlineSalesGrowth.com.

First and foremost when it comes to web design we always take into consideration what will work best for our customer with the budget they have, be it a small site with just a couple of pages or a larger site with multiple pages/videos/plugin’s etc.  Regardless of the scale and complexity of the site however there are a few design fundamentals that nearly always hold true.

The key thing is that no matter how big or small your business with a well designed site you can always use the web to expand yourself further, even if it may not be apparent how to do so at first.  A feeling that the web has little to offer often results in dreary web pages that are only sporadically updated, with little to engage visitors.  Of course, it gets very few hits and unfortunately this often confirms in the websites owners eyes their feeling that the web can’t do much for them.  However, an effective design can create a site that exploits the almost endless possibilities that the internet has to offer and almost any business can find itself opening up new sources of income.

One of the most important things for the success of a website and a key part of web design is to make sure you’re tailoring your pages and posts to specific search queries.  Each should focus on answering or addressing just one keyword or phrase that is regularly typed into search engines.  This alone can increase the amount of traffic your site gets, but it’s possible to get it out there even further through the exploitation of social media.  Including buttons to allow people to share your pages and links to your products through sites like Facebook, Linked In and Twitter can be astonishingly effective and can propagate pages across the internet amazingly fast.

The next area of web design to really help your website stand out is to make sure that it’s punchy and to the point, with an easy on the eye lay-out and some media to help get your message across.  Videos are ideal for this as they allow people to see you and your product, get a feel for what you’re like and take in all sorts of information that it would take pages of text to otherwise convey, and visitors to your site are always one click away from leaving, so they need to be hooked in fast and kept interested.  For more info on why you should use videos in your web design check out this article.

The last area of web design we’re going to look at is something very simple but that is all too often overlooked:  making it easy for the visitor!  So many web pages have all sorts of fancy flash and graphics and confusing layouts that make it a nightmare trying to find information.  Effective web design should keep your layout clean and simple, with large obvious buttons and menus that are clearly labelled and easy to navigate, as well as having a fairly large, clear font.  These small web design details will all help visitors to your site tremendously and encourage them to come back.  Remember that whilst a web-page should be attractive it is not a work of art and functionality and ease of use come before aesthetic decisions.

Web Design

Example of a nice simple menu layout!

So a quick web design recap, from ensuring you have the right tags on your page and tapping into the potential of social media to combining the use of video and other media with ease of use and accessibility your websites effectiveness will increase dramatically, and we’re still only scratching the surface of what’s possible here, so stayed tuned for more from OnlineSalesGrowth.com on how to make really effective websites!

Remember, if you have any comments or questions on these aspects of web design we’ve looked at in this article, or would like to know more about how Online Sales Growth can help you develop your website, feel free to leave a comment below, or send us an email at rhys@onlinesalesgrowth.com.


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