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I’m commuting to work, my boss calls with really bad news, the visit from the client we’re trying to land is arriving this morning – not next week. She tells me I’ve got two hours to find design consultants for my part of the proposal…, worse still I’m travelling for another hour!

1 Call can spoil your journey!

One call burst my sound bubble!!!

So, what are the two key things that will make searching for consultants on my ‘smartphone’ really fast and easy as every second counts? Read on if you want to find out!

Last time we gave you two key steps to ‘Engage Customers’ when they reach your website.

Now we build on this to see what we can do to reach and engage visitors and customers on the move!

Let’s be clear – the time-frame for attracting and engaging the millions of people using their smartphones to answer pressing problems is a whole lot shorter than for laptops, so doing more of the same is not enough.

What’s the beef???

So first things first, why should I worry about visitors on the go?

Some Big Numbers …..

In the UK alone, numbers of smartphone users are rocketing. Of the 83 million UK (population 63 million) mobile accounts at the end of 2012, 36 million were smartphones, with predictions that by 2016 this will rocket to 63 million, or 75 % of the UK mobile market.

Smartphones placed to displace mobiles over next 4 years in UK.

Growth in Smartphones in UK 2012 to 2016

This has already impacted buying behaviours. In 2012 30% of smartphone searches were for special deals on the local high street.

The stampede to smartphones gives huge opportunities for ‘mobile savvy’ marketers. The flip side of this coin is if you don’t cater for ‘smartphone’ visitors, then you’ll simply miss out!

Surely all you need to do is Get To the Top of Google???

Far from it. For most people typing into a computer keyboard is a lot easier than a smartphone’s small touch screen. When you are travelling or walking, one mis-type and you’ll be starting again!

So, the first turn off for the smartphone visitor will be having to type in or copy long URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) or phone numbers.

STEP1: Give Easy To Use Links!

The challenge of linking potential visitors from physical marketing materials became much easier with the development of QR (Quick Response) codes which you see on many business cards, posters, leaflets, etc.

Check This Out (Part 1): Download a free QR Reader App such as i-nigma on your smartphone, activate it and scan the following image.

Fast QR Codes

QR Codes Provide One Click Links

It’s as easy as that, no fumbling with URLs.

Hidden Secrets In Your Food Cupboard!

Even more exciting, the next generation of ‘easy access’ apps use any selected image to act as the link using Augmented Reality (AR) services. So, let’s go back to your smartphone.

Check This Out  (Part 2): Down load and activate the free Blippar App and point your smartphone at the following image, or watch the video.

Heinz Ketchup AR Label

Augmented Reality appearing in a food cupboard near you!


The image of this Heinz ketchup bottle becomes alive with options on ‘downloadable’ recipes, video tutorials and even a link to the company’s Facebook page.

At the moment this is mostly being used for food and entertainment products, but the possibilities are huge. For example a consultant’s business card could turn into an interactive ‘case study’ portfolio for instance!

Better Still – AR is within easy reach of small businesses with the emergence of low cost AR  Services. Check out  Aurasma. We’ll dig deeper into QR codes and AR in our ‘Internet Marketing How To’ blogs in the near future.

Back to my Panic On The Way To Work.

Remember – I’ve 2 hours to find design consultants.

Luckily I do have a set of business cards in my computer bag, and start checking them out as I walk along. Sure enough one has a QR code, and the other shows it is an AR link. I quickly check them out – one shows they’ve worked on very similar design briefs, and the other shows a state of the art brief that is really relevant for my customer.

They also give me one click phone details. By the time I reach the office I’ve spoken to both companies and have enough information to use in our customer visit – result!

Simplifying Smartphone Users' lives with QR codes

Simplifying Smartphone Users’ Lives

Words of Warning!

A warning to those sharing a kitchen, you’ll find yourself pointing your smartphone at a load of things in your food cupboard – make sure you remember where to put stuff back to avoid ‘AR Bruising’!

On a more serious point, QR codes are great, but some businesses have used them to ‘speed up visitor annoyance’. Recently I was passed a business card with a QR code which took  me straight to the standard web-site, masses of text that I couldn’t read without much fiddling with my phone.

They’d almost hooked a real visitor, but I was gone in less than 10 seconds.

The lesson here?  Think about what you are trying to achieve with QR codes and don’t just drop visitors into your standard website.   Which leads us nicely onto the next step…

Step 2: Keep Messages Short and Easy to Read – Use Video Where Possible

So once you’ve got a visitor speeding to your website don’t welcome them with a wall of text requiring the eyes of an eagle to read. Create a short, focused mini page that is optimised for mobile. We’ll talk about ‘mobile responsive’ websites in a later blog.

Video and short animations are great ways of relaying rich information quickly and effectively. Remember that any text should be:

  • large font,
  • concise and
  • to the point.

Use the rules of social media networking as your guide here, minimise words, maximise pictures and video content.

Further information on this can be found at our Blog ‘Mobile Web Design – reaching people on the Go’.


STEP 1: Easy to Use Links to Contact Details

  • Aim for 1 click access for your blog page, web-link/ phone numbers,
  • Use QR Codes or AR to help speed linking

Step 2: Short and Simple Messages – Use Video Where Possible

  • When visitors arrive – welcome them with easy to read, concise text
  • Exploit video or short animations where possible
The two key steps for Mobile Marketing to work

Mobile Marketing UK Summary


Next Time

In our next Internet Marketing Unpacked Blog, we look in more detail at two key steps to ‘make social media work for you‘.

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