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Google Maps is the main way that people search for addresses, directions and businesses nowadays – especially now that it’s integrated into Google’s web-search results. Go ahead and try it! Type in something like “Chinese food Worcester” into Google – you’ll see it comes up with Google Maps info showing the locations of most of the Chinese takeaways in Worcester, as well as their address, phone-number, link to their website and even snippets like reviews.


Not only does it allow you to show up in search results, but you can embed your Google Maps info into your website or blog so that people coming to it can know where to find you!

Our price for setting this up for you is just £49 + VAT! You should be aware that it can take Google several weeks to process the maps info and update their servers so that you start showing up.

If you aren’t on Google Maps yet but want to be (and you should want to be!) but aren’t sure how to get set up then just get in touch with us by dropping a line to, and we’ll sort out all the technical end of things so that people can start finding you online in no time!

If you already have Google Maps and want something a bit flashier, why not check out our Google Earth 3D model development service?

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