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Google Earth is Google’s 3D model of the earth and the sister to their Google Maps and Street View products – Earth consists of 3D models of buildings all across the world, creating navigable 3D representations of towns and cities. The beauty of this is that potential visitors can get a semi-realistic idea of your business and the area around it, long before they actually travel there, aiding them in finding and recognising your business.

You can also apply relevant tags to your business so it will show up in searches in Google Earth, not only that but you can attach information to your model, including website links, pictures, youtube videos, contact details and a quick bit of blurb about who you are and what you do.

Whatever sort of business you are you’ll love what Google Earth can do for you!

Key benefits:

  • Be found in searches on Google Earth
  • Stand out from the crowd with a 3D model
  • Attach rich content right to that 3D model!  Put a link to your website (it’ll open right inside Google Earth), let people know your opening hours or other important information and even embedgoogle-3d-flyer-2 a video into it for you to say hi to the world!

Our prices for 3D models start from £99 + VAT, – this can vary depending on the scale and complexity of the building to be modelled! You should be aware that every single 3D model submitted is thoroughly checked by Google for quality, and Google only rolls over model updates every few weeks, so it can take sometimes up to a month for your model to appear on Google Earth. If you want the more basic version of this service please check out our Google Maps set-up service.

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