Two easy steps to help smartphone users reach your website and engage with it.
Is chocolate the answer? Quick!  I’ve got about 10 seconds to get you intrigued and convince you this is where you’ll find valuable answers to pressing problems. For two quick and easy tips that will revolutionise the customer engagement on your website, then read on.
2 Quick Steps to Attract Web Customers!   How often do you see company websites that are little more than an online brochure showing products and services, but rarely equipped for attracting customers. Of the 3 million ‘not fit for purpose’ websites estimated to be out there in the UK small business sector, the vast [...]
Are you trying to get into selling your products online but having trouble converting visitors to customers?  If so do you want to learn one of the greatest weapons in the modern internet marketeer’s arsenal? Hi there, I’m Kim Stansfield, and I’m helping businesses to exploit on-line video marketing.

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