We’ve just rolled out our latest customer site for Just Trade and we’re pretty excited by it! This site is both a business blog for building up interest and drawing in customers and a fully featured online store. Already we’re getting feedback that they’re not only finding it much easier to use, update and manage [...]
How a WordPress Contact Form can benefit you   Are you trying to work out how to get your WordPress blog or site to the next level, boosting your hits or business?  Read on to find out how using a simple WordPress contact form or two can help.
How WordPress Categories and Tags can help get your content ranked   As we discussed in this post, WordPress’s Categories and Tags system is extremely powerful for getting your content ranked on Google.  Now in this post we’re going to really look into why you really NEED to be using the WordPress Categories system.
How a WordPress Blog can boost your Online Sales!   There are a lot of different content management systems (CMS’s for short) out there and when you’re first venturing into creating blogs and websites it can be hard to work out which is going to be the best for getting your content out there and [...]

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