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Attracting Customers

Attracting Customers Key To Website Success

How often do you see company websites that are little more than an online brochure showing products and services, but rarely equipped for attracting customers. Of the 3 million ‘not fit for purpose’ websites estimated to be out there in the UK small business sector, the vast majority suffer from this. To find out two simple steps that will boost a websites ability for attracting customers, please read on.

In OSG’s last Internet Marketing Unpacked blog we covered the following:

  • Identifying target customers
  • Their hotspots
  • Where to find them

Now we’re going to describe two simple steps that will help in attracting customers:

  • Building ‘traffic magnets’
  • Promoting traffic magnets

STEP 1: Attracting Customers: Building Traffic Magnets

In the previous blog we looked at how to identify your target customers and their hot spots. The next challenge is attracting these customers, at first as visitors, by building effective ‘traffic magnets’. Imagine you are Hansel, star of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, who laid a trail of

Traffic Magnets focus on Customer Hotspots

Building Traffic Magnets to Attract Customers

breadcrumbs so that he and his sister could find their way home from the forest. You could also see it like a spiders web, lots of strands that all lead into the center. The shame for many businesses is they invest in great looking web-sites before knowing what messages will attract customers.

A ‘traffic magnet’ is a really focused and interesting piece of information addressing hotspots or ‘points of hunger’ for target customers. There are two major types:

  • ‘Organic’: messages (free) are optimised to rank well on search engines or in social networks.
  • ‘Paid for’: pay per click e.g. Google Adwords adverts, Facebook promotions

To check which ‘traffic magnet’ messages might be of interest the Google Keyword tool shows how many times each month questions have been typed in either locally (your home country) or globally. These free tools and data means you can achieve in days what previously took traditional market research companies months running costly and sophisticated surveys and analysis methods.

At all times remember:

i) make sure you encourage visitors to leave their contact their e-mail address and

ii) at this stage your messages are not sales focused, you are building trust and confidence, not closing a sale!

Next, having built the traffic magnets you’ve got to promote them.

STEP 2: Attracting Customers: Promoting Traffic Magnets

Attracting Customers requires traffic magnets to be promoted.

Promoting Traffic Magnets

The promotion approach you take depends on the type of products/  services you are marketing:

  • at one extreme, low cost items – messages focus on special deals and what differentiates you from the herd,
  • at the other extreme, high value products and services, messages must build customer confidence in you and why your offering is a safer bet.

The internet provides over 20 cost effective mechanisms that help you lay those bread-crumbs from customers to your window.  These are variants of three core methods, each discussed in more detail in subsequent blogs:


1) Business Blogging – producing a set of regular blogs e.g. ‘OSG’s Internet Marketing Unpacked’ series, builds leads and customers if you focus each blog on one question and give the reader valuable information.

2) Video-Blogging – the addition of video to blogs opens up the You Tube route to market. The video thumbnail that appears in Google search results will draw more interest to your blog in search results i.e. people are more likely to click on your blog.

3) Posting in Social Networks – wherever your customers might be you should be there, picking up on the issues that impact them. As the focus of activity of the social network varies, e.g. Facebook, Pimterest, Twitter, then the way your traffic magnet is promoted will vary. The ease with which your traffic magnet can be ‘liked’ and forwarded to friends of friends means this can become a viral way of spreading  your messages and attracting customers.


So, we’ve looked at two simple steps for attracting customers to your business:

STEP1: Build Traffic Magnets that:

i)    Address ‘target customer’ hot spots

ii)   Contain a focused message

iii)  Gives value to visitors

STEP 2: Promote your Traffic Magnets to wherever your customers might be on the internet

i) Business Blogs attract loyal followers

ii) Video Blogs attract and engage even more

iii) Use Social Networks to spread the message in relevant social groups

In our next blog the OSG team will explain simple ‘internet marketing’ steps to engage the visitors you’ve attracted!

If you’ve got any comments or questions feel free to write one below or drop us an email at, and don’t forget, if you found this article useful or know of someone who would find it useful go ahead and hit those social buttons underneath and tell your friends!

Cheers guys.

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